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With roof thermography, thermal imaging cameras create detailed maps of low-slope roofs, showing where excess moisture is trapped, where the source of a leak may be, or where there is soaked or compromised insulation.

Roof Thermography: Advanced Solution for Moisture Problems

When you hear the word ‘thermal imaging,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  👉 Army surveillance?  👉 Alien vs. Predator?  Thermal imaging is actually a powerful technology with benefits that aren’t limited to

Closed doors of commerical roofing are a stigma in the industry that need to be addressed.

Closed Doors Have No Place in Commercial Roofing

My cat absolutely HATES closed doors.  The moment she hears that ominous click, she’s right there, and won’t leave until the door opens again. When it does, half the time she won’t even go in

Stybek team working on a commerical roofing project for Bachly Construction.

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofer

If you own a business, your roof does more than keep out the rain. With the proper care and maintenance, it also reduces energy costs, saves you money, and sends your curb appeal through the

Commercial roof inspection on a roof in Kitchener

How often should you get a commercial roof inspection?

Do you know what’s on your commercial roof? You might be surprised. Last year, a Detroit homeowner was surprised to learn that there was an 18-foot-long reticulated python on his garage roof. His snake, Juliet,